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Chemical Treatment Whilst Still Producing


More Efficient and More Profitable Wells

There are many reasons for chemical treatment of the well completion; all can be treated by injection of the chemicals via the high pressure power fluid - whilst continuing production.

Hydra-Cell seal-less, packing-free API 674 pump can be supplied as the chemical injection pump as part of jet pump skid package.

Corrosion control Injection of corrosion inhibitors to slow corrosion attack.

Paraffin/Hydrate control   Can be alleviated by using heated power fluid to keep the paraffin dissolved in the crude.

Emulsions/Foams and froths   To break emulsions and speed separation of oil and water.

Scaling formation   In the wellbore, flow lines and facilities are caused by compounds such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate and barium sulphate. Chemicals injected to dissolve and break up scale.

Bacterial damage   Biocides injected to kill bacteria.